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Spring 2010

Spring 2010


 BUS 1001 FYE: Business Cambell
 BUS 1010-01 Introduction to Business Allen
 BUS 1010-02 Introduction to Business Keller
 BUS 1010-03B Introduction to Business Keller
 BUS 1010-40 Introduction to Business  Keller
 BUS 1060-50 Pre-Employment Seminar Keller
 BUS 1350-01 Business Improvement Skills Brown
 BUS 1360-01 PBL Club Miller
 BUS 1370-01 Human Relations Bryant
 BUS 1370-50 Human Relations Snow
 BUS 1370-02B Human Relations Miller
 BUS 3510-50 Business & Professional Ethics Huddleston


 ECON 1010-01 Economics of Social Issues Walter
 ECON 1010-02 Economics of Social Issues Seegmiller
 ECON 2010-01  Micro Economics Langston
 ECON 2010-02 Micro Economics Mahmud
 ECON 2010-03 Micro Economics Mahmud
 ECON 2010-40 Micro Economics McQueen
 ECON 2020-01 Macro Economics Mahmud
 ECON 2020-02 Macro Economics Mahmud
 ECON 2020-40 Macro Economics Jameson


 FIN  1750-01  Personal Finance Call
 FIN 1750-02 Personal Finance Lee
 FIN 1750-3B Personal Finance Call
 FIN 1750-50 Personal Finacne Black
 FIN 3150-40 Managerial Finance Wells
FIN 3150-50 Managerial Finance Wells
FIN 3500-50 Negotiation & Relationship Management Wells, Kyle
FIN 3750-01 Introduction to Investments Jones
FIN 4400 International Finance Mahmud


 MGMT  2050 Business Law Clarkson
 MGMT 2050 Business Law Seegmiller
 MGMT 2050 Business Law Winward
 MGMT 2600 Entrepreneurship Sederowitz
 MGMT 3200 Small Business Management Erickson
 MGMT 3400 Management & Organizations Anderson
 MGMT  3510  Business Professional Ethics  Huddleston
 MGMT 3600 Production & Operations Black
 MGMT 3700 Organizational Behavior Caldwell
 MGMT 4300 Human Resource Management  Bryant
 MGMT 4400-01 International Business Anderson
 MGMT 4400-50 International Business Anderson
 MGMT 4800 Strategic Management Christensen, Coons


 MKTG 1530 Collegiate DECA Lee
 MKTG 1540 Marketing Skills  Lee
 MKTG 3010-01 Marketing Principles Buck
 MKTG 3010-40 Marketing Principles Anderson
 MKTG 3450-01 Consumer Behavior Anderson


 STAT  2040 Business Statistics Gowers
 STAT  2040 Business Statistics Wells
 STAT 2040 Business Statistics Heaton
 STAT 2040 Business Statistics Townsend
 STAT 2040 Business Statistics Sederowitz


TRAV 1591-40 Air Reservations Jensen
TRAV 1592-40 Ground Transportation Jensen
TRAV 1593-40 Hospitality Jensen
TRAV 1594-40 Vacation Packages and Tours Jensen
TRAV 1595-40 Cruise Market Jensen
TRAV 1611-40 Automated Air Reservations Jensen
TRAV 1621-40 Destination Geography Jensen
TRAV 1711-40 Travel Sales & Trends Jensen
TRAV 1731-40 Air Fares - Domestic Jensen
TRAV 1732-40 ARC Documents Jensen
TRAV 1771-40 Automated Air Fares & Tickets Jensen
TRAV 1772-40 Car & Hotel Accomodation Jensen
TRAV 1831-40 Fares & Tickets International Jensen