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Fall 2016


BUS 1001 First Year Experience Adolpho
BUS 1010-03 Introduction to Business Keller
BUS 1010-40 Introduction to Business Keller
BUS 1370-01 Human Relations Harder
BUS 2000 Introduction to Career Strategies Faculty
BUS 3000 Intermediate Career Strategies Lindsey


ECON 2010-01 Principles of Microeconomics Mahmud
ECON 2010-02 Principles of Microeconomics Mahmud
ECON 2010-03 Principles of Microeconomics Garner
ECON 2020-01 Principles of Macroeconomics Garner
ECON 2020-02 Principles of Macroeconomics Mahmud
ECON 2020-50 Principles of Macroeconomics Garner


FIN 1750-01 Personal Finance Call
FIN 1750 Personal Finance Picklesimer
FIN 3150-01 Managerial Finance Khan
FIN 3150-02 Managerial Finance Khan
FIN 3150 Managerial Finance Saar
FIN 3200-01 Money, Banking, & Credit Garner
FIN 3750-01 Introduction to Investments Saar
FIN 4300-01 Real Estate Finance Saar
FIN 4380-01 Financial Modeling and Decision Making Saar/Harris


MGMT 3050 Business Law I Shadman
MGMT 3050-50 Business Law I Winward
MGMT 3400 Management and Organizations Bryant
MGMT 3400 Management and Organization Anderson
MGMT 3510 Business Professional Ethics Gubler
MGMT 3510 Business Professional Ethics Huddleston
MGMT 3600 Production & Operations Management Lindsey
MGMT 3700 Production & Operations Management Ortiz
MGMT 4040 Quantitative Business Analysis Lindsey
MGMT 4300 Human Resource Management Bryant
MGMT 4400-01 International Business Anderson
MGMT 4400 International Business Anderson
MGMT 4800-01 Strategic Management Gubler

Management Information Systems

MIS 3050-01 Management Information Systems Harris


MKTG 1510 Principles of Salesmanship McCullough
MKTG 3010 Marketing Principles Fisher
MKTG 3500 Promotion Management Tenney
MKTG 3515-01 Sales Management Fisher
MKTG 3900 Marketing Research Fisher
MKTG 4700-01 Marketing Strategy Fisher


STAT 2040-01 Business Statistics Khan
STAT 2040 Business Statistics Saar
STAT 2040 Business Statistics Wells