Fall 2017


BUS 1001 First Year Experience Lee
BUS 1001-01 First Year Experience White
BUS 1001-02 First Year Experience White
 BUS 1010 Introduction to Business Buehner
 BUS 1010 Introduction to Business Kamachi
 BUS 1370 Human Relations Dalley
 BUS 1370 Human Relations Dupree
 BUS 2000 Introduction to Career Strategies Blatter
BUS 2000 Introduction to Career Strategies Kamachi
BUS 2000 Introduction to Career Strategies Threet
 BUS 2000-50 Introduction to Career Strategies Maughan
 BUS 3000 Intermediate Career Strategies Lindsey
 BUS 3000 Intermediate Career Strategies Saar



 ECON 1740 Economic History of the United States Green
 ECON 2010-01 Principles of Microeconomics Mahmud
 ECON 2010-02 Principles of Microeconomics Mahmud
 ECON 2010-03 Principles of Microeconomics Garner
 ECON 2020-01 Principles of Macroeconomics Garner
 ECON 2020-02 Principles of Macroeconomics Mahmud
 ECON 2020-50 Principles of Macroeconomics Garner
 ECON 3010-01 Managerial Economics Mahmud
 ECON 3500-01 International Economics Seegmiller


 FIN 1750-01 Personal Finance Picklesimer
 FIN 1750-02 Personal Finance Call
 FIN 1750-50 Personal Finance Sarwar
 FIN 3150 Managerial Finance Khan
 FIN 3150 Managerial Finance Saar
 FIN 3200-01 Money, Banking, & Credit Khan
 FIN 3750-01 Introduction to Investments Saar
 FIN 4150-01 Managerial Finance II Khan
 FIN 4300-01 Real Estate Finance Khan
 FIN 4380-01 Financial Modeling and Decision Making Saar/Harris


 MGMT 2600 Entrepreneurship Brown
 MGMT 2640 Small Business Management Brown
 MGMT 2990R Seminar in Entrepreneurship Brown
 MGMT 3050 Business Law I Seegmiller
 MGMT 3400 Management and Organizations Bryant
 MGMT 3400-01 Management and Organization Anderson
 MGMT 3400-02 Management and Organization Anderson
 MGMT 3400-50 Management and Organization Anderson
 MGMT 3510 Business Professional Ethics Ayala
MGMT 3510 Business Professional Ethics Erickson
 MGMT 3510 Business Professional Ethics Gubler
 MGMT 3600-01 Production & Operations Management Lindsey
 MGMT 3600-02 Production & Operations Management Lindsey
 MGMT 3600-50 Production & Operations Management Lindsey
 MGMT 3700-40 Organizational Behavior Ortiz
 MGMT 4040-01 Quantitative Business Analysis Lindsey
 MGMT 4300-01 Human Resource Management Bryant
 MGMT 4400-01 International Business Anderson
 MGMT 4400-50 International Business Anderson
 MGMT 4800-01 Strategic Management Gubler

Management Information Systems

 MIS 3050-01 Management Information Systems Harris
MIS 4450-01 Project Management Nielson


 MKTG 1510 Principles of Salesmanship Hinojosa
 MKTG 1530R Collegiate DECA Harris
 MKTG 1540R Marketing Skills Improvement Harris
 MKTG 3010 Marketing Principles Fisher
 MKTG 3010-04 Marketing Principles Christensen
 MKTG 3010-90 Marketing Principles Christensen
 MKTG 3500 Promotion Management Tenney
 MKTG 3900 Marketing Research Fisher
 MKTG 4100-01 Marketing Research Christensen
 MKTG 4200-01 Entrepreneurial Marketing Dupree
 MKTG 4700-01 Marketing Strategy Fisher


 STAT 2040-01 Business Statistics Garner
 STAT 2040-02 Business Statistics Christensen
 STAT 2040-40 Business Statistics Christensen