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Annual Report

SMIF Annual Report

How do you measure the success of the SMIF?

The annual report is one of the most important components of the SMIF program. It represents the sum total of the students' experience in running the Fund for the year. It is often the only tangible output of the program and projects the image of both the SMIF students and the Fund to the public. As such, a professional standard of analysis and presentation is expected.

Results are Presented at the Advisory Board Meeting

The advisory board meeting is an important opportunity for the SMIF analysts to present the performance of the Fund and their experiences over the preceding year. The analysts' experiences and what has been learned from managing the Fund should be covered in the meeting. The advisory board meeting will be attended by members of the board of advisors, other investment professionals, and key University personnel. It is a very visible format and the SMIF analysts must realize that the impressions they make in the meeting can have significant career implications. As with the annual report, the SMIF analysts performance in the meeting also effects the University's reputation. Therefore, the standards for the meeting are very high.