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Southern Utah Marketing Resources

Southern Utah Marketing Resources

What is SUMR?

Southern Utah Marketing Resources (SUMR) was created by Professor Bryon Geddes in an attempt to increase practical learning experiences for students. The idea is to provide these experiences while giving local businesses a connection to the campus and to positively affect the area economy. As a result of the SUMR program, dozens of students have found full-time jobs with local businesses or have seen great improvements to their resumes. The net profits of local businesses have also been positively affected by applying the proposals offered by DSU students.SUMR is looking to have a positive impact on all of DSU’s thousands of students and faculty. As Students gain practical experience, as well as learning how to interact with business owners, they will see their personal skills for success increase. This means that everyone: painters, sculptors, marketers, psychologists, biologists, engineers, teachers, musicians, and graduates of any other present or future program can receive a positive impact from the community, and then turn around and share that positive impact with the community. After all, no matter what we do in this life it will intersect with money, economics, and business.

We seek to provide students with benefits to their personal and professional life through the application of practical experience within the SUMR program, whatever their chosen field. We promise to provide shepherding professors with opportunities to help promote, inspire, and benefit students. And we commit to provide local businesses the benefit of associating with professors, doctors, and other academicians of skill and capability as well as association with potential employees who have proven themselves in the field.

SUMR seeks to bring together and strengthen the community. Just like the three sides of a triangle unite, as a community we can overcome anything.

Faculty Students Community Triangle

What You Need:

  • For a SUMR class to be successful each course needs to have a final project, based upon your discretion, deliverable to both you and the student-assigned business
  • Prospective instructors should gain an understanding of the course learning objectives and help both students and businesses see how they relate. The SUMR program assigns businesses to courses based on the learning objectives of the class
  • The course name and course objectives
  • Students willing to sign and comply with the SUMR Code of Conduct. This Code of Conduct helps Students understand how business confidentiality works, as well as protects the University’s culture of learning, and ethical behaviors.

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