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Expanded Profile

Kyle S Wells

Kyle S. Wells, Ph.D.

Dean, School of Business & Communication


  • Ph.D. Finance, University of Utah, 2008
  • M.B.A. Finance and Information Systems, University of Arizona, 2002
  • B.S. Civil Engineering, University of Utah, 1998



Current Courses

  • STAT2040, Business Statistics, Spring, Fall & Summer
  • FIN3150, Managerial Finance, Spring, Fall & Summer
  • FIN3750, Introduction to Investments, Fall
  • FIN4150, Managerial Finance II, Spring

Previous Courses Taught

  • Real Estate Finance
  • Personal Finance
  • Introduction to Investments
  • Managerial Finance I
  • Managerial Finance II
  • Banking and Credit
  • Business Statistics


Publications and Working Papers

  • “Do Leases Expand Debt Capacity”, with James Schallheim and Ryan Whitby, Journal of Corporate Finance, forthcoming
  • “Evidence of Motives and Market Reactions to Sale and Leasebacks”, with Ryan Whitby, Journal of Applied Finance, 2012, volume 22, No 1, pp. 57-76.
  • “Empirical Tests of the Leasing Puzzle Using Sale and Leasebacks”, Journal of Business and Policy Research, Dec 2011, volume 6 No. 3, pp. 73-92
  • Capital Structure & Corporate Financing Decisions: Theory, Evidence, and Practice, “Chapter 19: Sale and Leasebacks”, Editors H. Kent Baker and Gerald S Martin, 2011, Wiley Publishing Co.
  • “Further Evidence of Wealth Effects of Sale and Leaseback Transactions”, with David Harrison and Ryan Whitby, Texas Tech University.
  • “Debt and Taxes: A New Measure of Non-debt Tax Shields”, co-authored with James Schallheim and Madhuparna Kolay, University of Utah.
  • A Comparison of Field and Laboratory Measurements of Hydraulic Conductivity for Compacted Clay Liners”, co-authored with Hiram Alba, John Wallace, Eric Rosic and Bryon Elwell, Engineering Geology and Geotechnical Engineering Symposium, March 2000, pp. 133-147.